PageLines- JiankouandHuanghuaGreatWallTourCycleChina_4copy.JPGCycle China is an active travel agency in Beijing offering unique, challenging and fun tours around Beijing, to the Great Wall and throughout China. Every person on our team is a travel enthusiast, and so we understand your expectations and make sure that every trip is fun, exciting, and unforgettable.

Our Guides have an in-depth knowledge of the terrain, as well as personal relationships with the people you’ll meet along the way, fostered over years of cooperation.

While we’ve worked with many big clients like National Geographic, The Discovery Channel and Ikea, we treasure the personal experiences that we make with people, and have kept in touch with many of them throughout the years. We hope you’ll join that group!

And one more thing before we let you meet the team: we’ve always kept the promise that is at the base of our company: to show you the best of China, and to keep you safe from all the scams that other agencies use to make a quick buck, like visits to their friend’s restaurants, unplanned visits to shopping centers with expensive souvenirs, etc. Why? Because we share your passion for travel, so our greatest reward is knowing that you’ve gone home with a big smile on your face!

Our Guides

Below are a couple of our well seasoned and experienced tour guides. All locals, they’ve spent years showing visitors from around the world the best of China, unless they happen to be exploring it on their own. All of our guides are fluent in English and certified by China’s National Tourism Administration (CNTA).

Jeff Gao founded Cycle China back in 2003 with a couple of bikes and a flag, and has since then grown the business to what it is today. He’s an avid traveler who has been around the world more than once, as well as a serial entrepreneur, having launched several successful restaurants. Jeff is a natural leader, and if you’re lucky, he might just lead your tour.
Leo is a native of Nanhe County (Heibei Province). He’s been living in Beijing since 2005 and has a degree in English from Beijing University otherwise known as Peking University. Leo’s been part of the team since 2008 after undergoing over 6 months of training. He’s now hiked virtually every inch of the Great Wall.
 Bato is one of our most experienced guides. She’s been part of the team virtually since its inception in 2004. She’s an incredibly energetic lady with over 10 years of hiking and cycling experience. She’s cycled across several northern and southern parts of China and south Asia. Bato’s an extremely cheerful person and her competitive personality makes her well known around the local hiking community.
 Joey‘s a very friendly person, a lot of our customers find him to be quite a funny fellow and fun to be with. He’s been hiking for over 3 years, and has been part of the team since 2010. He’s also a good photographer and can share/advice you on where to get great pictures on the Great Wall.
 Cathy’s a natural when it comes to cycling, she can go on for hours non-stop! She loves hiking and camping on the Great Wall no wonder she’s been part of the team for over 3 years. When not hiking or cycling, Cathy help’s out with some work down at the office-making necessary arrangements to make sure your trip goes on without a hitch.
 Michael was born and bred in Beijing. He has a very interesting personality and a tough fellow talented in wide variety of skills. He’s a certified national tour guide, with over 4 years of hiking experience. He’s been part of the team since 2009 and can communicate in over 4 languages including Russian.
Jack’s a certified national tour guide and a native of Beijing. He’s been going on hiking trips to the great wall since he was a child and enjoys cycling along the country sides. He’s been part of the team since 2010.

The Rules (terms and conditions)

All tour rates are based on current market rates for airplane, travel, and vehicle costs. If any of these rates should change, Cycle China reserves the right to adjust costs and will inform you of the changes as soon as possible.

Cycle China has taken all measures to ensure the safety of our customers. All customers are responsible for providing their own health insurance, adhering to safety guidelines, refraining from drug abuse and extreme sports, and informing Cycle China of any special needs in advance. Cycle China, its employees, and other participants will not be held liable for any accidents or injuries.

At Cycle China, we fully understand that sometimes life gets in the way of having fun, and if you give us adequate notice, we will do our best to issue you a refund. Ticket return systems in China are not very easy to manage, so we charge a 300 RMB cancellation fee on all tours involving ticketing. 48-hour notice is required.

Cycle China reserves the right to refuse a refund if cancellation occurs after the start of the trip.

For trips involving air travel, we will issue you the full amount returned by the airline (could be less than the original price, and if you’re lucky, more!) minus the processing fee.


Authentic Encounters

We are an adventure travel company, meaning we'll lead you straight to where the fun is! It's not always fancy or easy, but it's a guaranteed authentic encounter and once in a lifetime experience.

Affordable Adventures

Our motto is simple: The Path is the Goal. Our experienced guides are always looking for new routes to escape China's costly tourism industry, and we pass those savings on to you.

No Surprise Tourist Traps

Many travel companies earn an extra buck by "swinging by" tourist traps and restaurants and then taking a commission from the owner. We don't. Guaranteed.