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Explore the un-restored wild Great Wall, which National Geographic’s photographers have raved about! This Ming Dynasty-built Great Wall features both the highest and steepest parts of the Great Wall, and will leave you both breathless and speechless.

You’ll start the day with a drive to the beautiful countryside north of Beijing where you’ll start your trek on the wild, unrestored section of the Great Wall. This part of the Great Wall is free of tourists and hawkers, and its overgrown stones will make you feel like you’re discovering the wall for the first time.

You’ll take a small path back to the wall, and hike towards the Zhenbei Watchtower(40 mins), a crucial tower that was used to defend against the Northern Barbarians.

The view at this spot is called “The Eagle Flies Facing Upwards” because it’s so steep. This is the highest section of the Great Wall, and probably the one with the most impressive scenery.

Then walk from the wild, rugged Wall to restored section Mutianyu Great Wall,  which has 22 watch towers distributed at close intervals along the wall, it is also a green section of the great wall in Beijing with vegetation, green pines and cypresses covering 90 per cent of the section. We’ll finish our hike here, and you have option to take cable car or walk down.

One Day Secret Great Wall Hike

Itinerary and Sights Secret Great Wall, Jiankou Great Wall, Zhenbei Watchtower, The Highest Section of the Great Wall, lots of beautiful scenery
Length 4 hours
Suitable for Well trained Mountain hikers (8- 50 year old)
Remember to bring Hiking shoes, water, lunch, snack, sunscreen, sunglasses, and your camera
Pricing RMB 750 per person based on 2 persons RMB 600 per person based on 3 persons RMB 500 per person based on 4 persons RMB 450 per person based on 5+ persons
Availability March through November


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  1. Ita says:

    A friend from Beijing recommended your tours. We will be in Beijing this coming weekend and wouldike a tour to the Great Wall. Can you organize this and what is the price for two adults?
    Thank you

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